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Remembering Elliott Erwitt (1928-2023)

Legendary photographer and long-time Magnum member Elliott Erwitt has passed away at the age of 95.

Elliott Erwitt, Whose Photos Are Famous, and Often Funny, Dies at 95

His camera could freeze moments in history, but he also had an eye for the humor and absurdity of everyday life. Dogs were a help there. (The New York Times)


Elliott Erwitt A Retrospective in Lyon: October 21 2023 - March 17 2024

Experience humor, emotion and humanity with Elliott Erwitt's grandiose photography. From 21st October 2023 to 17 March 2024 at La Sucrière, Lyon.


Leica Hall of Fame Award and Photo of the Year 2023

"With his incomparable pictorial humour, he has long been considered a photographic legend. In his rich oeuvre, Elliott Erwitt tells simple, yet universal, stories – whether he is depicting ordinary people, celebrities or dogs. His motifs are direct and entertaining, sensitive and incisive, American and cosmopolitan. This year he is the recipient of the Leica Hall of Fame Award for his life’s work."


Elliott Erwitt A Retrospective in Paris: March 23 2023 - September 24 2023

Elliott Erwitt's many admirers are invited to the Musée Maillol in Paris to discover a grand and sublime exhibition dedicated to the famous photographer. Simply entitled "Elliott Erwitt", this retrospective will run from March 23 to September 24, 2023.


Elliott Erwitt: ‘In my 90s, my work looks different than I’ve ever seen it before’

(Financial Times)


‘Found, Not Lost’ available now at Gost Books

Over 170 previously unseen images have been published for the first time in Found, Not Lost. Spanning more than sixty years, the photographs in the book, often taken during lulls or breaks between assignments in his prolific career, have been selected, edited and sequenced by Erwitt himself. Two Special Editions with prints are available for a limited time.


‘Found, Not Lost’: Never before seen pictures by Elliott Erwitt handpicked from his personal archive

(The Independent)


A shadow history: the unseen photographs of Elliott Erwitt

(The Guardian)

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