'The Unexpected' - Magnum Square Print Sale - Live Through 3/28

Celebrating the unpredictability of life, the curation of Magnum’s Square Print Sale explores the happy
accidents and unusual turns of events that lead to memorable images. This collection of 90+ prints is
available as museum-quality 6x6” prints for one week only at $100 + tax. Shop the sale until Sunday 28th.


Elliott Erwitt: ‘In my 90s, my work looks different than I’ve ever seen it before’

(Financial Times)


‘Found, Not Lost’ available now at Gost Books

Over 170 previously unseen images have been published for the first time in Found, Not Lost. Spanning more than sixty years, the photographs in the book, often taken during lulls or breaks between assignments in his prolific career, have been selected, edited and sequenced by Erwitt himself. Two Special Editions with prints are available for a limited time.


‘Found, Not Lost’: Never before seen pictures by Elliott Erwitt handpicked from his personal archive

(The Independent)


A shadow history: the unseen photographs of Elliott Erwitt

(The Guardian)